Mackie has a brother named Riley who is also a Boston Terrier.

Riley is an adopted rescue.  He’s been a member of our family since 2006.
His exact age is unknown since he was found as a stray in Texas.  The vet has estimated his age to be about 8 or 9 yrs old (as of 2011).

Riley is very athletic & loves to run & play.  His favorite toy is a giant tennis ball.  He loves to run & play fetch and chase his brothers everywhere!
Riley learned to sit, lay down, give his paw & retrieve his toys.
He’s a healthy & happy boy.

Mackie has another brother named Paco.  He’s a 3 yr old Chihuahua.
Paco is an adopted rescue from the southern U.S. originally.
He’s a cute, happy boy and very lovable.  He absolutely loves his family.
Paco loves to run & play with his brothers and plays with lots of dog toys.
He also loves to howl (“sing”) when he hears someone sing.  He learned to sit, beg, give his paw, lay down, jump & retrieve toys.

Mackie, Paco and Riley love each other to pieces and they’re the best of friends.  All 3 dogs are little all love bugs!  We’re so blessed to have 3 healthy & happy boys.


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