• Or shall we say, celebrities owned by Boston Terriers?  LOL  

There are many celebrities who are or have been proud owners of Boston Terrier dogs. It’s no wonder because they make absolutely wonderful loving pets!

Rose McGowan ~ (actress from the TV series “Charmed” and the film “Scream”) owns two Boston Terriers, Bug and Fester (R.I.P.)Rose McGowan

  • Allison Sweeney  ~ (Biggest Loser Host) – WinkyAllison Sweeney & Boston Terrier


  • Joan Rivers – had a Boston Terrier named Lulu (R.I.P.)Joan Rivers & Boston Terrier


  • 29th U.S. President Warren G. Harding ~ his Boston was named Hub


  • 38th U.S. President Gerald R. Ford ~ had 2 Boston Terriers named Spot & FleckPres Gerald Ford & Boston Terriers


 Helen Keller ~ had a Boston Terrier named Phiz given to her by some classmates at Radcliffe College.Helen Keller and pet Boston Terrier


  • Denise Richards ~ (actress – “Scary Movie 3”)  had a Boston Terrier named Lucy (R.I.P.).   Lucy was seen on an episode of National Geographic Channel’s “The Dog Whisperer”
Denise Richards & Boston Terrier Lucy
  •  Famke Janssen ~ (Actress) Boston Terrier named LicoriceFamke Janssen


  • LeAnn Rimes ~ Harley



 A Boston Terrier / Pit Bull mix named, “Sergeant Stubby” was a decorated American WWI hero.  Known for warning American soldiers against poisonous gas and imminent attacks, he was the mascot of the 102nd infantry.   (He actually was promoted to the rank of “Sergeant”)Stubby


The role of “Georgia” in the movie “Hotel for Dogs” was actually played by three different Boston Terriers.

Hotel For Dogs ~ "Nip" & "Tuck" played "Georgia"

Did you know that “Toto” the dog in Wizard of Oz, has been illustrated as a Boston Terrier in several editions of the book?

The Boston Terrier, became the Boston University mascot on November 15, 1922. The often snarling, bi-pedal black and white Boston Terrier was later named Rhett after the male lead in Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind, because “No one loves Scarlett more than Rhett” referencing Rhett Butler’s affection for Scarlett O’Hara (scarlet is BU’s primary color).

Rhett the Boston Terrier ~ Boston University mascot

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