Mackie is a very funny & lovable Boston Terrier.
He is almost 6 years old. His parents were champion show dogs.

Mackie is sometimes mistaken for a French Bulldog because he has a stocky build (mostly muscle), but he’s a purebred Boston Terrier all the way!

Mackie was raised as a young puppy and learned tricks almost immediately.
He’s very smart & attentive. Mackie has learned to “talk” and can say “Mama”, “Out” “I want” & “Ow!” (if I ask him if he has a boo-boo LOL)
On command, he will sit, lay down, crawl, jump, spin, speak, give his paw, roll over, play dead.

Mackie is a very good boy! He loves people! Kids are his favorite! Mackie loves to play fetch & catch frisbees. He likes to play in his own little doggie swimming pool.

Mackie is super soft & snuggly, just like a cuddly teddy bear!

He is very loved!

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  1. Josephine

    Is a great dog! Many times we learn from then a lot of thing,of the animals always we can learn something good and new .They are very intelligent : )

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