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Mackie is quite popular these days & has become an internet sensation with his Youtube video, “Boston Terrier dog likes his belly tickled! Funny face ~ CUTE! (Original)” Some say he’s the derpiest derpy derp dog ever!

Mackie’s video has swept the internet like wildfire! He has fans in many countries, like USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Russia, Germany, & Hungary, to name a few!

Mackie’s video appeared on NBC’s the “Today Show” as well as news programs all over the U.S.
We’ll keep you up to date with more tv links & info =)

WATCH full original YOUTUBE VIDEO BELOW The funniest & cutest BOSTON TERRIER on the internet!

WATCH Mackie’s video on Today Show w/ Kathie Lee Gifford & Hoda Kotb

Use the arrow keys to move the pac-man around and click the link twice to include a 2nd player (which uses the A,S,W,D keys to move around).

10 Responses to Mackie The Dog

  1. MackieTheDog

    Welcome to!
    Home of Mackie the Boston Terrier.

    You’re welcome to browse around & learn about Mackie, his popular Youtube video, “Boston Terrier dog likes his belly tickled”,
    read about Mackie’s breed, family & shenanigans & more!

    Here, you’ll also find interesting & useful info about dogs & dog ownership, our favorite dog toy & product picks, etc..

    Entertain yourself in the “Games” section.

    Mackie’s new website is a work in progress & updated daily.
    Thanks for your patience while we improve your browsing experience.

    Please be sure to bookmark us!
    Mackie also has a FACEBOOK fan page & YOUTUBE videos!
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    Questions, suggestions, requests, comments, share something?
    We would love to hear from you! Thanks for visiting.

    Mackie & friends =)

  2. Debbie Riddle

    This dog is absolutely adorable. We have Boston terriers and they have the funniest personalities!!! Yours reminds me of my first baby. We had her for 13 years……something about yours face, reminds me of my Daisy. You made my day!!! Thanks!!!

  3. Peter Konidaris

    I just saw Mackie on youtube and had to find out more! LOL how adorable and funny!!
    I own a Boston Terrier, as does my brother. As we’re in Australia they’re not so common down here and 95% of people we meet ask us “is that a French Bulldog?”. It gets frustrating at times!
    For the record, I logged in as my dog Neva and am the 100th person to “like” your facebook page! 🙂

  4. Cat

    I watch Tickle Mackie once a day bec. it makes me laugh out loud every time.
    I have sent this to everyone I know.
    Thanks for making my days!
    Cat ^..^

  5. Doobadoobadoo

    That was the funniest video I’ve probably ever seen!!!!!!

  6. maureen desquitado

    I saw Mackie on Utube!!! I love the video!!! Mackie sooooooo Cute!!!!!!! I love his expressions on his face itm akes laugh LOL!!!!!!!!

  7. Ana

    Your boston makes the cutest noises ever!!! I love the video of him asking for the mac ‘n cheese bowl!

  8. Mike

    i LOVE Mackie!! he reminds me so much of my late dog Lennon…tooo cute!

  9. Diane Smith.

    Mackie makes me laugh so much, my tummy hurts !!

  10. Barbara

    Mackie is the typical Boston, and it is great to see him “in action”! I am so pleased that you are sharing Mackiethedog with the world! I tell my friends, “if you want to laugh every single day to get a Boston! Boston’s are not only sure to make you laugh, they will make you love! My 12 year old Boston, Winston, brings joy to my difficult life each and every day. That is why I bark along with you, “Boston’s are the Best!” Thank you again…WOOF!

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